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Caduceus Windsor

Healthcare Professional Program

Caduceus Windsor Group

Supporting each other on the journey to recovery

We healthcare professionals can become addicted to drugs or alcohol just as easily as anyone else-and it happens just as often.

The  problem is that we are more likely hide our problem and to delay seeking help.

Many doctors and nurses are unaware that there is special help available to them and that 85% of those who do seek help successfully recover from their addiction and return to the profession they love.

Our colleges support evidence-based treatment programmes by people who specialize in looking after professionals because they know that the success rate is so high. They recognize that substance use disorder is a disease that responds to compassion, support and treatment, not to isolation, shame and disciplinary action.

A caduceus group is a collection of health care professionals on the road to recovery who gather regularly to provide mutual support and advice to each other. In fact the colleges requires participation because it greatly increases the probability of being successful.

The Windsor-Essex Caduceus group is your first step toward getting your personal life and your career back on track.

Please, don’t delay!
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